Thursday, July 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code....

This movie disappointed me. Many will be startled, many will look back at me stating who da hell you are to say about a movie which is loved by millions and hated by billions. and at the end watched by 1001 million!!

Well definitely a minnow like me should not comment in public about a figure like Ron Howard. Much much larger looms his shadow than life over anyones mind whoever is watching. We always remember that we are infact watching a RH movie...which if you are not a blasphemious bastard like I am will have to like........

But still with all those giants shadows fallingover me and covering me with darkness......still with feeble voice I shout that Oh Jesus ...... if this movie was supposed to be like this then they should've written outside the movie hall that viewers please be warned that if you have read the book and have some original thoughts in place how this movie will destroy those and that's where you will be disappointed first time.....

Let's come down to the point why I was disappointed with the movie.

First of all the quality of editing….I hated it when it had to adjust the storyline to make it a 2 hour movie rather than a 4 hour one. And so radical was it that it almost ignored some sane points what the book doesn’t overlook but the movie does. Like in the airport when they board the flight …None stops them actually. That’s stupid.

Also Tom Hanks doesn’t look convincing in a symbol specialist’s role. There is nothing apart from the first few minutes where he can establish that he was a symbol spec.

Next is the history behind the brawl of the girl and her grandfather. Why they were not so much in touch none tells us properly. That’s a shame to omit that part as that is the part which tells us about pagan religions.


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