Monday, May 08, 2006

Mission Impossible:III

MI 3….. deliveres

MI-3 deliveres although this is definitely not the one movie you can put in the same row as THE ROCK. But its sleek, and its tense. That’s where the movie wins actually. Lets go into the tits and bits of the movie…


Ethan Hunt our protagonist is an agent for IMF…one of those many top secret agencies of America. He is getting married this summer. His love is beautiful Julia. But he has this last mission to complete … and that is Mission Impossible the third of the trilogy. But this time things are more complicated and there are rats inside his own agency….and his opponent is a deadly and sadistic villain…Owen Davie.


The movie as I said is sleek. Like the two other MIs. And it has got good strong acting support from Tom Cruise. Also not to forget the famous Morpheus: Laurence Fishburne in a cameo. more to come on this.......


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