Friday, August 12, 2005

My Room--TATA and sons!!

We roomies.. all are sons of don get suspicious about our surnames...I meant to say that for us TATA is 'my baap'! TATA feeds us and milks us also. I wanted to let you guys know who I live with...together in our appartment...(but do not think - we live together)!

The First Person is: Bishal Sharma...well this is an alphabetical list that's why Bishal getting advanage of projecting himself at politics guys! This fellow is from my hometown that is Siliguri. What can we say about him?? One of the most prized employees of TCS. Works day in and day out to let "Poor Engine making company Cummins" make a little money!!

Next:Santanu Ghosh... The CAT Freak! our dear san ..when he is not eating he must be preparing for CAT...and if he is preparing for CAT he must be snoring...!!!:-)

Next:Satish Kumar Jha...The real business minded fellow in our group..(How can we forget the concept of E-Pan!) Shares and Mutual Funds run in his mind always...and he is the inventor of the plans of life(Plan A,Plan B,Plan C)...Started with Plan sleeps peacefully upto 10a.m with a simple variant of plan C in mind(Plan CC).

Next:Satish Naidu...The real movie freak...and the confused kid in the block..He can watch 3 chimapnjees jumping around for 3 hours and find out great spiritual meaning out of it...

Last is me: Well I should not be telling about every insane person thinks he himself is sane and I already proved my insanity by staying happily with so many insane people...!


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Creatively put !
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