Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy Days Ahead...

The whole of this week and the last week was a busy schedule...not like bishal though...but it was hectic for a guy like me!! Dunno how am I doing this job over and over again again must be pathetic isn't it brain asks my soul.......soul gets irritated.."why don't you yourself feel how it feels to do a job like this?" brain laughs.."how will I? I go to sleep when you do all these scrap..after all I am not at all needed here!"

Seriously...being in IT and doing some real fundoo job which I always dreamt of is a lot like going thru a desert and whenever u feel thirsty u get to find a lake sort ot thing...

Never mind I keep on blabbering about this thing...and now it has become my habit forget I have to finish some work also but nothing seems to work out ...there are so many strange bugs appearing...Dunno what went wrong!! cya for now ...may b if I finish my job I will write a li'll more!


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